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  1. dth

    What platform it will cover? Will it be for smartphones?


    It will be for PC/Mac/Linux first... and a mobile version if possible (I don't know if I will need to change the game for this... I think it will be a little complex for smartphones...)
    So, the mobile version isn't decided if will be the same game or a little spin only to cover mobiles too...

    and after the release, I will need some time to create a build for Consoles too. (the publisher said they would help me on the console version!)


    and really thanks to come here <3

  2. Kammellion

    Greetings Ladies and Gents!


    My name is Kammellion and I'm a small Youtuber let's player in my downtime, a marine biologist in my... study/work time?

    Anyway, I heard much about the game try die repeat, but never played it until recently. It was awesome and it's great to be here.


    So... HI! What ya doing?

  3. dth


    I had to work a few more months because the publisher didn't make a deal with me yet...

    So I only started working on the game on late August / early September...





  4. dth

    After two weeks working on the new project, I’m starting to get used to programming again, but now the things need to be done right! I’m not making a game jam project anymore...

    One of the things that really bothered me on the game jam version were the collisions, in 7 days you don’t have enough time to polish D:




    it’s not 100% yet, but at least now I have a good 2D collision system for all the game :D




    ^ seems that Hulk Hogan went to a 3D movie :~

    now the items will make sense in the game, each of them will have a special effect / power, it will be a extra work, but worth it.


    While working on the project again, I got excited about it and I started to engage on the social medias again, I created a Forum and I never had used the Reddit, I tried it and I found a lot of friendly developers there, and some of then are really willing to help :D #gamedev


    ... streams never get old ...


    ... even if I did it wearing my pajamas :D, haha


    The things are going slower then I expected, but as a fellow procrastinator, I’m happy with the little results. 
    The game will have more life now, with a cool story, a semi-open world, etc...

    I hope that you guys like the final result... will be a while until there xD


    Thanks for reading until here <3 I know it’s very shallow now, but I will improve it with the time, I promise! 

    Sorry for the bad English and a special thanks for the Headup Games, you guys rock!


    Twitter: rodolfodth
    Facebook: Try. Die. Repeat.
    Forum: Try. Die. Repeat.
    Twitch: rodolfodth
    Game Jolt: Try. Die. Repeat.

  5. dth

    Hey guys! My name is Rodolfo, the developer of Try. Die. Repeat.

    I would like to share whats happened until we get here first! 

    At August of 2015, the forum did a Game Jam with the theme "Death is usefull", it had a good prize of $1k for the first place, and what do you think? I won the first place! :D

    After that, I lot of people played the game, a bunch of videos on Youtube, I was so happy with it! but at the time, I was not able to keep working at the project and make a bigger and better version, I had a lot of bills to pay and I was working at 2 jobs (one part time in a game development company and as a web developer for companies at my city). At the same time, I started to talk with a Indie Publisher and they got really interested on the game idea, but at first they didn't had money to invest on it... we made some agreements and that's it! The game is going to happen now! :D 
    I think that's it :)

    See you!

  6. dth


    Hello guys!

    I'm very happy to announce that, after months I got to work on the project again!
    I was working at 2 jobs and I didn't have time to work on it, but now, a awesome publisher is going to take our game! :D

    Stay with me and lets do it!